Wholesale Cushion Wrap Air Column Packaging Bags

- Dec 30, 2018-

  • Scope of Application: All of Products

  • Layer: Multi Layer

  • Shape: Straight Tube Bag

  • Main Material: Ecofriendly PE/PA+Nylon, Protective Film

  • Trademark: INTPKG

  • Specification: 50microns-120microns

  • Material: PE/PA

  • Color: Transparent

  • Feature: Moisture Proof, Recyclable, Shock Resistance

  • Main Feature: Shock-Proof, Waterproof, Anti-Static

  • Bag Type: U-Type, L-Type or as Your Requested

  • Transport Package: Carton Box

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Why choose the air column bag packaging?
1. Through the standardization of design and production,solve the various products. 
2. Bring up material managerment of waste.
3. The original outer carton packaging is increased by 15% than products.
4. Comprehensive personal air cushion packging provides the best shockproof,prevent fall Protection.
5. By combining different process to provide a variety of functions ,thus effectively.
6. Reducing the use of different packaging.

How to distinguish between good and bad airbag packaging with similar appearance?
Protection performance instead of thickness values most. Vibration wave adsorption, impact force dispersion, material stability under underpressure high temperature vacuum environment, and extension performance, etc. are also important. Only insiders know how to distinguish and average users are always misguided to judge it just by thickness.