What Is The Shelf Life Of The Air Packaging Bag?

- May 26, 2020-

The inflatable air packaging bag is customized by the computer , don't need mold , so the whole production process is fast and  the delivery time is short, while the cost is low. What is its shelf life?

1. After the air column bag is inflated, the air can be maintained for 4-10 months. The specific time depends on factors such as the quality and thickness of the air column bag material.

2. The transportation time of conventional express logistics is generally not more than 2 months, so the air retention time is for the air column bag to meet the courier requirements.

3. The air column bag should be stored in a relatively closed storage environment before inflation to avoid the sun and rain. It can be stored for 2-3 years. Therefore, in a normal warehouse environment, the column bag is stored in a sealed carton, which is not afraid of the expiration of the air column bag.

4. After filling the air column bag with air, the customer has not shipped the product for a long time . In view of the long-term chronic air penetration of the air column bag, which may leads to insufficient inflation, a small amount of gas should be added before delivery, which is very convenient.

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