The Reasons Why Lamps Are Needed To Be Packed In Air Column Bags

- Apr 23, 2020-

1. Anti-shock cusioning function

    Anti-shock cushioning is the mission of the air column bag. The reason why the air column bag are named an air column bag is that the column is filled with gas. At the same time, each air column is independent of each other, and will not affect other air columns by damage of other column. In this way, the packed lamps will not be damaged due to bumps and collisions during transportation!

Due to the special protection of lamps, the amount of damage is reduced, so it help the manufacturer to save the cost . Besides, what are the advantages of using air column bags in terms of cost savings?


2.,  Cost savings

    As mentioned above, reducing the damage of lamp would reduce the cost, actually the air column bag also has other cost-saving functions. The air column bag is completely flat before being inflated, just as the thickness of several A4 sheets . This saves a lot of storage space and reduces storage costs. Secondly, put the lamp into the air column bag, it will be filled with air quickly, reducing the packing time!


3. Corporate image

    Inflatable air column bag is a new packaging system and can be recycled. As human beings pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the demand for packaging is getting higher and higher. The use of inflatable air column bag is in line with the requirements of consumers. Therefore, using air bag is conducive to enhancing the corporate image.