Raw Material Of Inflation Airbag Packaging-introduction Of Coextruded Film

- May 12, 2020-

Why air column bag are classified as environmentally friendly products depends on the environmental protection of the original materials of the air bags.

In the processing of the film, one material is extruded onto another film that has been made or the different types of films that have been made are bonded to each other to become a multilayer film. This product is called a composite film.

The material of the composite film is mostly plastic, but also paper, metal foil (usually aluminum) or fabric can also be used. The basic requirement of the composite film is to have excellent adhesion between layers to ensure the overall mechanical properties of the package. In addition, composite films are mostly used for food packaging. Adhesives are used in the processing of composite films. The selection of solvents and the bonding process must meet the requirements of corresponding hygienic regulations.

Coextruded film has most of the characteristics of composite film, but there is a difference, that is, all layers of coextruded film are extruded together at the same time, so there will be no other non-plastic materials such as aluminum foil and paper. Because the layers of the coextruded film are combined by hot melt without adhesive, the hygienic safety of the coextruded film for food packaging must be relatively reliable.

Common practical use of co-extruded film are: pure milk bag, express bag, metal protective film.

For example, a type of co-extruded film is non-membrane. It is used as a courier bag or milk bag. Because the courier bag contains a strong object or a variety of factors cause the bag to be broken, it is not possible to use ordinary PE film. Co-extrusion is required. membrane;

Coincidentally, food bags (for example: pure milk bags) are also required to conform to food. specifications and are not easily broken, so co-extruded film must be used.

Whether the film is a double-layer co-extruded film, when the plastic is extruded, there are two heads to extrude the black PE film and the white PE film together when the film is still in a semi-liquid state, without the need for chemicals such as glue To bond.

The main characteristics of co-extruded film: good tensile properties and good appearance brightness, which meets the specifications of glue film and food film.

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