Rapid Express Development To Promote The Development Of Inflatable Air Bag Packaging

- Jan 17, 2018-

      In recent years, online shopping has become a major shopping method that is welcomed by all ages. However, as an important basis of online shopping industry , the express development is indispensible . And inflatable airbag packaging has become an integral part of the online shopping process!



      However ,in recent years, the problem of packaging waste recycling and handling has limited the further development of the packaging industry. In particular, the traditional cushioning packaging materials: the pollution of packaging materials such as foam and pearl wool, and the problem of endangering the environment have always limited the health of the express delivery industry development . It called for research and development of new products to replace the traditional foam, and also standardize unified express packaging standards to strengthen waste recycling in order to achieve green packaging.

      Inflatable air bag packaging is looking for replacing foam, pearl wool in the process of the latest research and development of cushion packaging products! It uses environmentally friendly composite co-extruded plastic film with good air cushioning capacity to produce, and quickly applied to all sectors of the transport cushion package!

      Due to the characteristics of low cost, good performance, easy processing, recyclability, non-toxic and harmless, and high efficiency, the airbag packaging has been occupied dominant position in three packaging materials (paper packaging, glass packaging and metal packaging) in recent years, the efficient protection of airbags packaging has become the focus of the development in the packaging industry, especially in the express packaging industry. Inflatable packaging experts believe that inflatable airbag packaging industry also has great potential for development, the manufacturers must actively upgrade the technical level to improve the industry's ability and adapt to the market to better meet the market needs.

      In most people's eyes, online shopping is actually a more environmentally friendly way of life. However, this is not truth. This is mainly because of the resources waste and environmental pollution caused by the difficulty of recycling packaging waste. According to insiders, express packaging costs more than USD 1~2, only the packaging costs reached $ one billion every year . So the daily production of discarded packaging reached 10 million, it is big problem for the environment. In fact, some courier companies have also been previously carried out, but it failed because of the high cost of promotion .

      The emergence of inflatable air bag packaging is undoubtedly good solution to the express delivery, not only to solve the express packaging recycling , but also to solve the express packaging waste, high cost and other issues!