Our Export Volume Increased By 50% During Epidemic Period

- Jun 09, 2020-

During the initial domestic epidemic period, employees were unable to back to work and we were in a state of suspension. We worried that orders from foreign customers could not be delivered in time .

By the beginning of February, the company could be resumed, but the rapid development of foreign epidemics made us unexpected and began to worry that customers would cancel orders. 

airbag packaging Delivery 2

However, our worries have become redundant. The inflatable airbag packaging from aboard have not been reduced, but increased by 50%. The production has become very busy, because it is automated equipment, we have not recruited new employees . The existing employees use the rest time to work overtime to ensure timely delivery.

air column bag Delivery 3

By the end of May, through the efforts of employees and the timely coordination of all parties, we can basically guarantee the customer's delivery time, and successfully passed the epidemic period when could not deliver the goods in time. It can also be seen that the demand for air column bags abroad is also increasing very quickly .

air packaging bag Delivery 4