Launch Conditions

- Apr 01, 2017-

In order to ensure airbag open at the appropriate time, car manufacturers provide a balloon is initiated, only when these conditions are fulfilled, the air bag will explode. Although in a number of traffic accidents, car occupant truthless, even life-threatening, vehicle close to scrapping, but if the airbag explosion conditions, the air bag is not opened.

Airbag open needs the right collision velocity and angle. In theory, only between left and right in front of about 60 ° position of the vehicle crash on a fixed object at speed higher than 30KM/h, the airbag may open. Speed here is not our usual understanding of speed, but the vehicles in a lab relatively rigid fixed barrier impact speed, actual collisions faster than the speed of the car air bags can be opened.

Main bearing part of the car when the collision occurred is bumper and body side rail, in order to cushion collision impact, front part of the body were designed with crash buffers, and the stiffness of the body is not evenly distributed. In some accident in the, for example Dang car and no Hou Department protection device of truck occurred drill into sex rear accident, or car collision guardrail Hou occurred overturned accident, or occurred body side collision,, such of accident often no body Qian Department of directly impact, main is body upper and side occurred collision, collision body parts of stiffness is small, although car class occurred has is big of deformation, caused has car within crew injured or death, but due to collision parts not, sometimes balloon does not can open. Especially in the lateral collision, such as side-curtain airbags are not configured, main and auxiliary airbag failure to achieve ignition conditions cannot be set off, very easy to ride and causing fatal injuries