It Shows Rapid Growth For Wine E-commerce During The Epidemic Period

- May 14, 2020-

Wine is an inseparable part of the daily lives of many Westerners, even during the epidemic period. Because of the epidemic prevention and control measures, most people cannot go to regular stores to buy wine as usual during home isolation, and more westerners have begun to switch to online wine purchases, which has also allowed wine e-commerce to grow rapidly during the outbreak. Here is an email from our customer: 


Italy's representative wine e-commerce platform Tannico released relevant data for the last three weeks of March (March 9-27). These three weeks are also the period when Italy has entered a "closing city" state and the epidemic situation has the most stringent control measures. In the past three weeks, Tannico ’s wine sales have increased by 100% compared with last year, and users ’purchase frequency has increased by 10%, and the average number of wine bottles purchased by users has increased by 5%.

As a wine bottle packaging partner, INTPKG's inflatable airbag packaging (or called air column bag ) was also urgently needed during this period by some distributors . Not as the previous forecast , we did not reduce production, but temporarily increased the production line to deal with the temporary increase order quantity and urgent needs of wine bottle air bag packaging . More users can find the sense of security brought by the air packaging bag .