INTPKG Packing : Welcome Foreign Customer To Visit Our Company

- Jul 24, 2019-

With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation , Jiangsu INTPKG Packing Products Co., ltd. has been expanding the international market for many years, and has attracted the attention of many foreign customers. A few days ago, a foreign customer who has been involved in inflatable packaging for many years came to our company to discuss details of cooperation matters. During this visit, we showed the customer the airbag packaging production process and product quality of our company.


We accompanied the customer to visit the production workshop, and introduced the company’s products and production process to the customers in detail. After in-depth talks and field visits, the customer highly praised the quality of our products and enthusiastic service, expressed strong interest in our products and future cooperation, and hope to cooperate with our company for a long time.  

Good products and good services are the most powerful marketing. Meanwhile , we should thanks for our clients’ recognition and good suggestion to our company , it will be very helpful to us to make better airbag packaging .