Inflatable Airbag Packaging Price Factor

- Jan 23, 2018-

The price is big issue when each customer consider to purchase the inflatable airbag packaging . When the user purchase this airbag packaging , the first reaction is price : if the price is low enough . However , when you face the product with low price , you should care the basic quality in advance . As a manufacture with many years experience , we should reminder you : Do not choose a too low price air column bag , or you will pay more .

Different from other packaging products, the quality of air bag packaging depends on the thickness , the composition and the old or new raw materials . Low price does not mean low cost, as a leading manufacturer, we reminded you : for airbag products, low price may means that the manufacturers possibly use use old materials or tailings to produce ; Some manufacturers will reduce the thickness of the material . As well known , the conventional thickness is 0.07mm, but some manufacturer use the thickness material of 0.065mm, 0.06mm, etc. Normal person without professional measuring tools, it is hard to measure the actual thickness . The price of 0.06mm is much lower than the price of 0.07mm naturally.