Inflatable Air Chamber Packaging – Indispensable Express Packaging

- Jan 30, 2018-

In the early days, the traditional packing materials were actually good packing materials the fragile goods industry could choose. However, due to the appearance of the air chamber packaging, its protective performance make it first choice to the traditional packing materials. Taking the glass as an example, there will be comments that glass is broken when received , courier delivery is not responsible for breaking; And the seller using air chamber bag will not receive the comments which will cause bad situation. Less or even less bad comments is the credibility of consumers for your support, but also the affirmation of the business, high customer’s satisfaction can stimulate consumers’ consume again and again . Small investment, large revenue, simple operation, win-win situation!


The unique protection of air chamber bag packaging can decrease the damage rate to minimum . The air chamber bag can indeed protect the products, not just filling or support. Compared with the traditional packing , the inner packing box don’t have large space to cause displaced during transportation . Even if the external packing is squeezed, the air chamber bag's close-fitting design can use the air chamber to disperse the pressure to avoid damage, so even if one chamber damage does not affect the protection of other chambers, because they are independent, thus it greatly increase the transport effect.