- Apr 01, 2017-

From the airbag defect existed in the process, the existing basic airbag design goals is to deal with serious traffic accidents, but in some of the less serious incidents, the system overreacts, it will impose too much on the occupants, counterproductive, causing unnecessary damage.

For actual using in the exists of problem, we more hope in airbag expand zhiqian, airbag system can precise induction car occurred of collision, and according to program to judge collision accident of serious degree, if collision level compared low words, just will belt of pre tight institutions pulled tight can; if collision level compared high, need started airbag, is will lit balloon of instruction passed to balloon system. Which would require air bag system can accurately sense occur collisions and mimicking the human brain, based on the actual degree of collision to determine whether airbags needs to expand, there is a certain flexibility and appropriate adjustments for different size crew airbags.