How Long Is The Airbag Storage Time?

- Mar 15, 2018-

Compared with other packaging, the advantages of inflatable airbag packaging are more pronounced, and thus the use of inflatable bags is becoming more and more popular for electronic products, fragile goods and luxury goods. However, some users reflected that the inflatable airbag packaging from different inflatable bags manufacturers, the storage time of inflated bags seems to be very different. Some may run out in two or three weeks, and some may store four or five months. Why is there such a difference? What does determine the airbag storage time?


air column bag

As well known, the quality of inflatable bags is related to three factors, and these three factors also determine the storage time of inflatable bags. So what are the three factors?

Firstly, nylon content of the co-extruded film


According to international standards, the co-extruded nylon content of the inflatable bag must reach a certain percentage. The relationship between the amount of coextruded nylon and gas storage is divided into three types:


1. If the coextruded film nylon content reaches 25 percent, its storage time is one year .


2. If the coextruded nylon content reaches 20%, the gas storage time is 6 to 8 months;


3. If the coextruded nylon content is only about 15%, there is only two to three months of gas storage time.


Under normal circumstances, although many manufacturer advertise their co-extruded nylon content meets the standard, actually many of them reduce the nylon content in order to save costs, so the gas storage time will be different.

Secondly, the airbag machine edge banding strength


Under normal circumstances, the inflatable airbag is sealed by a heat seal mold. If the temperature is not enough, the seal will not be tight, so it is easy to leak and the gas storage time is naturally short. If the heat is too high, it will cause the edge to be scorched, in that case its storage is not ideal. Therefore, the strength of the edge sealer of the bagging machine will also affect the gas storage time of the inflatable bag.

Thirdly, the valve film’s viscosity


Professionals pointed out that the better the viscosity of the air valve film , the stronger the ability to lock air and the longer the storage time. On the contrary, its gas storage capacity is poor, air is easily leaked, and natural gas storage time will not be long.


The above three factors determine the gas storage time of the inflatable airbag packaging. Under normal circumstances, when the gas storage time of the inflatable bag is between two and three months, air leakage will not exceed 5%. This is considered to be a qualified product. It is also a product worth to be used.