- Apr 01, 2017-

Mainly by the airbag sensors, crash safety air bags and electronic control devices and so on. Driver's side airbags devices on the wheel in the crash; passengers side crash airbag device installed on the dashboard. Airbag sensors were installed in the cab between the left, right and middle; Central airbag sensors and airbag systems and electronic control devices are installed together. Airbag module consists of the airbag, gas generator and ignition components. Electronic control devices, such as used for data acquisition and data processing, the reliability of the diagnosis of airbag, ensure that when the preset value is reached, send the ignition signal and ignition timing, ensure that drive a gas generator has sufficient drive current.


When in the car while driving when the crash occurred, first impact received by the airbag sensor signal, as long as the required strength, sensors that generate action and send a signal to the electronic controller. Electronic controller receives the signal, compared with stored signals if airbag deployment conditions are met, then the driver airbag module in the gas generator to the starting signal. Gas generator ignition of gas generating agent after receiving the signal, produce a lot of gas, filtered and cooled into the balloon, balloon breakthrough liners go ahead rapidly in a very short time, formation elastic cushion in the front driver or passenger, and leak, shrink, absorb impact energy, so as to effectively protect the head and the chest, making it from injury or harm-reduction levels.

Hyundai not only increased side-impact airbags, airbag fabric material, ignition, sensors technology is in constant development and progress.