How To Choose The Thickness Of The Air Column Bag

- Apr 22, 2020-

      The thickness of air column bags on the market is roughly as follows: 60μm, 65μm, 70μm, 75μm, 90μm, 100μm etc. 100μm is rarely seen in the market now , mainly used by some large listed companies!

U type (2)

      The air column bag with a larger thickness is naturally relatively higher. Considering the air column bag price ,some compaine purchase the air bag with thin thickness material , that leads to the production of cheap and low-quality air column bags into the market, which is also a product of vicious competition in the market! However, customers with enterprises will not choose low-quality air column bags, because of the sake of corporate image, in order to protect the product from the loss caused by the unstable quality of the air column bags, they will choose the high quality material of the air column bag.