Avoid Sharp Objects When Using Air Packaging Bag

- Mar 22, 2018-

For the role of air packaging bags, I believe many people have already understand . With the air bags available, its materials and safety performance have been welcomed and recognized by many people. Now more and more people know that it has a very strong buffering performance, its application area is also becoming wider and wider.

Air packaging bag

The protective performance of air packaging bags is indeed very good, but it also has a disadvantage .Because it is made of plastic film material, and many people know one drawback of plastic film is that it is vulnerable to piercing the sharp object Destruction, so the air packaging bag has this shortcoming. In addition , many of the air column cushioning properties are formed by the air pressure to form a cushion layer . In order to avoid the packaging of goods from external damage , so if the air packaging bag is used to pack sharp object, the air bag will be damaged and will no longer be used.


For example, with packing rough wood products, if you prefer to using this air packaging bag, you should be careful . You need to use other materials to wrap the item firstly,it is not desirable to pack with the air bags. This principle is very simple. Most people will understand that the blanks wood products are not smooth. Its sharp edges and corners are provided with sharp water chestnuts will cause the column bag’s explosion, so it is not safe. In this case, we caution the users need to be very particular about using air packaging bags.