As A Quantity

- Apr 01, 2017-

Single air bag, dual air bag

Indicate them in the middle and low domestic production car equipped with airbags number is 1-2, usually the driver of a vehicle, and one each in the co-pilot position, protecting front members in the vehicle when a crash occurs on the chest and the effective protection of the brain.

Four airbags

In the b-class of mid-range, usually with four airbags except in driving, two of the passenger seat, in the side door, it also has two. Effectively buffered from the front and side of the powerful impact

Multi air bag

In some high-end car in the like to security known of, Sweden of Volvo car in it of flagship models in the full car equipped with has 6 a balloon and 18 a gas curtain, respectively is located in car within front are Deputy driving bit, before and after door sides the two a, 18 a gas curtain distribution in before and after wind glass at, side Windows at, on from all direction of impact provides most effective of protection.