Airbag Packaging Provides Perfect Packaging Solutions For Honey Jar

- May 09, 2020-

When people buy honey, many people will find that the packaging of honey is mostly glass products, because pure natural honey is not suitable for plastic bottles if it is stored for a long time .Plastic will generate plasticizers and the sealing effect is not good . Because of its transparence, good chemical stability, no pollution to the contents, high temperature resistance, which can not affect the quality of honey . So most honey packaging chooses glass bottles,   not only beautiful, but also long time storage .

However, glass products are fragile products, especially with the rise of online shopping, honey products must be delivered by express delivery to consumers . During transportation, the outer box is often damaged and the honeycomb or honey is contaminated , that leads to customer complaints, returns and other issues.

At the beginning, some merchants use some traditional small bubble bags to wrap honey jars to achieve safe transportation to customers, but the thin bubble bags can't stand the light abuse of modern violent express (single material composition , The bubbles will break with a pinch), honey is leaked and contaminated before being delivered to customers, especially now that the daily volume of logistics express is increasing continuously, this situation not only appears on honey jars, but also on many other fragile products Commodities, valuables and other commodities . In order to reduce this situation, some logistics and express companies have begun to refuse to accept the delivery of fragile products, and the merchants have to over-package the products .

The air column bag (also known as inflatable air packaging bag ) is a green environmentally-friendly co-extruded film composed of 99% air and 1% nylon polyethylene. It is compressed according to the air buffer principle and can withstand pressures of up to 210KG.  In these two aspects, not only solves the problem of environmental protection with no pollution, but also solves the safety guarantee for the transportation of fragile honey jar!

At the same time, INTPKG also redesigned the air column bag according to the shape of the honey jar. The air packaging bag was designed as a Q-shaped bag. The honey jar was wrapped 360 degrees without dead corners, and the honey jar was carefully and thoughtfully protected. Compared with the packaging material, the air column bag is flat like a thin paper before being inflated, which can save more than 90% of the storage space.

honey jar airbag packaging