Airbag Packaging Make Apple Sales Online More Security

- Jan 25, 2018-

As well known , inflatable airbag packaging have been mostly used in packaging and transportation for industrial products. Actually with the promotion of agricultural products more and more widely in internet , apple's airbags is becoming popular. Apple air bags :good protection, low cost, high image quality, the user of apple's air praised it is a real solution to the fruit in the courier, logistics and transport damage, loss issues during packing .


Apple airbags, designed to hold 3 to 4 apples in each one, can satisfy one box with 6 to 8 bags, making them ideal for retail, wholesale etc .

What is the benefit of air bag compared compared to the traditional foam and reticulated sponges?

1, Apple air bag column protection is very good, soft inflatable airbags will be wrapped in apple inside, external impact forces are absorbed by the air bag, to make apple softy in the transport and reduce damage, loss .

2, Apple's airbag with high good image , pure and transparent airbag bag, red apple which will make the end customer impressive, that will attract the old customers .

3, With low cost , both for the wholesale market, or end customers, the airbag can meet the cost demands of large quantities.

4, Apple air column bag is health and friendly to the environment . It is just large volume after inflation, once exhausted gas, it will be thin again.  The volume is only about 2% of the foam, easy to recycle, Very friendly to the environment.

5, Inflatable air bag is food-grade products. Since direct contact with apple , it will not pollute the apple.

In short, the air column bag is no longer the exclusive for high-end industry products, more and more industries began to use it.