Airbag Harness

- Apr 01, 2017-

Anti car rally casualties-airbag seat belts, formerly known as car air bags bounce-proof belts of the casualties, also known as the airbag harness. In vehicles with seat belts and shoulder the whole, with Peugeot-shaped airbag device. Characteristics of the belt combines traditional seat belts and airbags, provide a higher level of crash safety protection for passengers. This technology reduces the passengers when the accident happened the head, neck and chest injuries, adopts airbag seat belts, further improve the innovation of the model of the safety facilities, as well as children is a boon for the elderly.

This paragraph balloon type belt, dang met accident situation Shi, belt will moments expansion into balloon-like, its ease impact of effect is traditional belt of 5 times times; a is area big can effective reduced head and neck of shaking, II is balloon expansion Shi has must of reaction, can reduced accident in the passengers easy appeared of ribs fracture, and visceral organ damaged and silt injury, phenomenon, achieved avoid for balloon play injury cervical of 60% above of casualties accident.