Air Protective Packaging To Eliminate Product Damages

- Oct 27, 2017-

During transporting products from one place to another, product damage can impose a considerable cost for manufacturer and retailers, as well as a big inconvenience for both the consumer and the company. difficult to handle and bulky products such as mattresses and kitchen worktops are specifically at risk of damage throughout transportation as the delivery staff struggle to pick up and carry these products efficiently. If the product is not protected with the correct type of packaging during transportation, the product can be easily scrapped or bumped, or through the packaging, the delivery staff could put their hands, this would break the seal of hygiene, resulting in product damage leaving the product inappropriate for sale. costly products such as mattresses and kitchen worktops can cost huge losses if these products have to be returned to the manufacturer and are no longer in a good condition for sale. however, with the correct protective packaging, this loss can be prevented. many manufacturers use disposable protective packaging such as cardboard and polythene. these are expensive as well as can cause damage to the environment and do not offer adequate amount of protection, which therefore puts a product at the risk of damages. in order to prevent damages during transportation, many companies have simply increased the quantity of disposable protective packaging they use. for instance, an increased gage of polythene wrapping or double bagging mattress is used. apart from imposing more cost, it also creates an increased amount of waste and still does not offer complete product protection. to protect home delivery products during transportation, britwrap reusable transport packaging is the ideal solution. britwrap reusable transport packaging&rsquos mattress bags and kitchen worktop covers are made up of thick woven polypropylene fabric that will not tear or rip, even under intense pressure when carrying or holding these heavy items. to fit the product safely, the covers a sewn into particular shapes and comes with exclusive reinforced loops that constrains any damages to product from bad manual handling. the most important advantage is that the product is reusable. the covers have been designed with durability and strength in mind. it means that the britwrap protective packaging will offer full protection for products during transportation for an average of 50 uses. this offers excessive cost savings when compared to disposable packaging as britwrap protective packaging will redeem its cost after only a few uses. it will also protect the product from any damages that are likely to happen during transportation as the product will be fully protected inside the cover. this reduction in chances of damages and returning of product will bring significant reduction in the costs associated with returning of damaged goods in home delivery. INTPKG inflatable air protective packaging bag is developed to be sent to the distribution site once the product has been delivered.