- Apr 01, 2017-

Airbag impact force can be evenly distributed in the head and chest, preventing passengers vulnerable flesh and body have a direct impact, significantly reducing the likelihood of injury. Airbags for frontal impact upon, it can effectively protect passengers, even if not wearing a seat belt, crash the airbag still are effective in reducing injury. According to the statistics, with airbags car head-on collision, can reduce the level of injuries to passengers, up to 64%, even 80% of passengers not wearing seat belts! From the side and rear collisions, you still rely on the seat belt functions. In addition, the volume is only about 130 DB when the balloon broke, in the human body can endure the scope of 78% gas is nitrogen in the air, very stable and is not toxic, harmless to human body; broke out when the powder is to maintain air bags do not stick together in a folded State of lubricating powder, are harmless to the human body.