Wine bottle and glass bottle packaging Solution

- Jun 09, 2017-

    As we all know, glass bottles and other fragile products are prone to be damaged in transit. Conventional packaging way is to use pulp, newspaper , polystyrene to protect goods in transmit. If you don't fill the gap between goods and package well, they will easily get damage due to the shock or knock. 

   By adopting air inflatable packaging bag , we design the bag according to your products' sizes . After inflating the bag, your ptroducts will be surrounded by air chambers. There is no gap between the goods and the bag. The goods stay tight in the bag and won't shift due to the knock or shake. The air chamber will provide air cushion to your goods. A single air chamber can bear the weight of 100kg. The one way air valve will ensure its protection if one  air chamber is punctured. 

  Inflatable air packaging bag is your best alternative to pack glass bottles. If you are interested, please try INTPKG Air Packaging Bag .