What is the design process of the airbag packaging ?

- May 18, 2020-

What is the design process of the airbag packaging ?

For inflatable air packaging bag, you need to follow the correct process when desiging , so what is the design process of the air column bag?

1. You must get the weight, shape, size, material, nature of the vulnerable parts, natural frequency, and the purpose of using this air bag packaging .

2. Confirm if the product has related accessories.


3. Confirm the external forces, transportation methods, climatic conditions and environmental conditions, storage conditions and storage time of the packages in circulation.

4. According to the characteristics of the product, select the material that meets the requirements while it is economical, and confirm the way and size of the cushion.

5. Account for packaging materials and processing costs, and evaluate whether the design is economical and reasonable.

6. Carry out a packaging test to check whether the cushioning and shockproof performance of the packaging meets the design requirements.