What is the correct air pressure of the air column bag ?

- Jan 10, 2020-

The industry standard for air pressure (pressure) of air column bag  is 0.06 ~ 0.08Mpa according to different air cell width (2~6cm). If the user inflates the air column bag according to such air pressure, the filled air column bag will not rise too much and not easy to burst; While the air must be enough room in the air column bag, which is flexible and cushioning and protective!

air pressure

Generally, in the actual inflation operation, because the customer's air compressor or air pump (pressure reducing valve) has limited control accuracy, if the pressure reducing valve cannot accurately control the inflation pressure between 0.06MPA ~ 0.08MPA , Then it is also acceptable to control the inflation pressure of the air column bag to 0.1MPA. However, the following negative effects occur at higher pressures:

1. Excessive air pressure causes direct explosion of airbag packaging ;

2, Although there is no charge and explosion for the time being, but it has risen significantly, and even bulging, it is likely that the air column bag will burst from the bulging and bulging place in the next time;

3. Although the over-inflated air column bag did not burst due to excessive air pressure and excessive gas volume during the entire transportation process, the over-inflated air column bag was very unsafe. It is easy to burst.

Therefore, adjusting the correct air pressure (0.06 ~ 0.08 MPa) is the key step for inflating the air column bag, and it is also the correct way to exert the excellent cushioning protection function of the air column bag.