What Are the Most Commonly Used Types of Airbag Packaging?

- Mar 16, 2020-

Almost all airbag packaging that can be found in the market are classified into three basic types.

U type (1)

U type 

The  U-shaped without a cap, which are usually used for packaging products with a large size or value, such as desktop computer screens, televisions, photo frames, and large handicrafts. Air packaging bag of this type serve as a safer and more reliable alternative to traditional foam cushioning materials partially because of their better cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness.


L type

Just as the name shows , air packaging bag of this type look like character L. One side of the airbag packaging of this type is higher than the other side. The item to be packaged is first put into the air packaging bag and then press the higher side down to cover the opening of the other side. It can protects the goods in 360-degree . Air packaging bag of this type are suitable for relatively large-sized products, such as milk powder , cameras, and box with a large diameter ,etc .


             Q type

Air packaging bag looks like  character Q , so called Q-shaped airbag . They provides 360-degree protection for packaging with narrow top dimensions ,like wine bottles, mobile phones, laptops, hard disk etc . 

Besides the above three types ,there are more and more new design airbag packaging appears , like below samples . It can hold two items together and reduce the material compared with triditional way . And difinitely it will come more new shape design in the future for air packaging bag .