The proper use of

- Apr 01, 2017-

Air bags must be used with a belt if you do not fasten your seat belts, even with air bags, at the time of the collision may lead to serious injury and even death.

Bus and air bags to keep the right distance.

Not in front of your airbag, over or placed near articles don't balloon in front, placed above or near items, because in an emergency these items are likely to interfere with airbag or ejection out, resulting in greater danger.

To ensure the role of airbags really safe, occupants must develop good driving habits to ensure chest and keep some distance from the steering wheel.

Avoid high temperature part of the airbag device shall be kept properly, don't let it above 85 degrees in the long-term storage under high temperature environments.

Do not arbitrarily change the airbag system and the surrounding layout cannot be tampered with wiring and components of the system, do not arbitrarily change the bumpers and the front part of the vehicle structure.

Air bags for disposable products each balloon can only be used once, and detonated upon return to the factory for a new air bags.