The Advantages of Air Packaging Over Styrofoam Packaging

- Jun 28, 2017-

The Advantages of Inflatable Air Packaging Over Styrofoam Packaging 

Inflatable Air packaging is quickly overtaking the traditional foam packaging materials for several reasons, including:

  • Protection – Inflatable Air packaging serves simultaneously as a cushion and to fill empty space inside the box. It provides comparable protection as Styrofoam – and in some cases, even more.

  • Cleaner – Unlike Styrofoam, Inflatable Air packaging does not leave flakes and dust inside the box and on products. It is also less hassle to clean up after the box is opened than all those foam packing peanuts.

  • Insulation – Foam has always been an excellent form of insulation for temperature controlled items – but air packaging such as bubble wrap can offer many of the same benefits.

  • Less Waste – Styrofoam takes up a lot of room after the packaging process is complete – air packaging requires less material, and once air bags and tubes are popped, they take up much less space in landfills and recycling centers.

  • Recyclable – The plastic material used in Inflatable air packaging is much more easily recycled than Styrofoam. In fact, some recycling centers won’t accept Styrofoam packaging at all – but plastic has always been a high demand recyclable material.


For these reasons, plastic packaging is expected to continue overtaking foam products for packaging. As inflatable air packaging’s popularity continues to soar – especially in the e-commerce market – their prices will continue to decrease.