PE/PA Transport Protector Cushion Wrap Air Column Packaging Bag

- Apr 12, 2019-

Basic Information
  • Scope of Application: All of Products

  • Layer: Multi Layer

  • Shape: Straight Tube Bag

  • Main Material: Ecofriendly PE/PA+Nylon, Protective Film

  • Trademark: INTPKG

  • Specification: 50microns-120microns

  • Material: PE/PA

  • Color: Transparent

  • Feature: Moisture Proof, Recyclable, Shock Resistance

  • Main Feature: Shock-Proof, Waterproof, Anti-Static

  • Bag Type: U-Type, L-Type or as Your Requested

  • Transport Package: Carton Box

  • Origin: China


How to order it?

General products are in stock and buyers can directly order it online.

Do we provide customized service?

Yes, we can provide custom-made service according to customers' demands.

What materials are required for custom-made products?

1) If complete new packing is needed according to what's packed, the following information should be provided:
a· Photos of the item top and sides, detailed data on sizes and weight, etc.
b· Whether it's used for external packaging or the product itself should be indicated.
c· Description of fall protection (protection requirement is positively correlated with the packaging cost).
2) If you want us to make it according to available packaging, the following information is required:
The sample packaging or detailed parameters (material texture and detailed data on sizes).
3) There's a MOQ requirement for custom-made products, and the lead time is 15 days. Please contact us for details.

Do we provide samples?

No matter it's in-stock product or custom-made packaging, we can provide samples in free. However , we will not bear the freight unless you place order .

What products can we provide for customers?

We provide single packaging or overall packaging solutions for different customers.
Single packaging: General cushion packaging bags and coiled materials.
Overall packaging solution: mainly provide it for corporate customers, covering all packaging designs, quakeproof and loss prevention third-party testing data, cost data analysis in packaging and transportation steps, and improvement of packaging solution to reduce cost.

What should be noted for inflated packaging?

The inflation pressure must be restricted for inflated packaging. We have an optimal inflated pressure parameter sheet for different materials. It's normal if it's a bit higher or lower than such parameters. Under-inflation will weaken the protection performance and hyperinflation will damage the product.

Is it convenient to use inflated packaging?

It's extremely convenient to use with air source. It takes about 3 seconds to inflate red wine bags (three steps: insert, inflate and take it out).

Do we provide inflation equipment and pressure control equipment?
Regards to the air source, pump can be used for small amount of products and air compressor should be used for mass products.

The air compressor outputs great inflation pressure and high-precision pressure regulating valve should be applied to ensure normal use of the packaging.