Occupant detection system

- Apr 01, 2017-

Protection against air bags not corresponding to the different crew, we can install one in the passenger seat occupant detection system, if anybody on the car seat, crew size, and seated away from the center of exploration. Equivalent to installing a dedicated sensor, detection crew ride information, and passed to the central computer control center. If a collision occurs, the control center for various sensor information to be passed judgment while considering occupant detection system crew by information obtained from. In that case, the airbag system can pilot and crew take the right amount at the right time to start air bag, completely avoiding

Airbags can be ideal for a variety of special protection for car use. Airbag should collect and use as many relevant crew position and crash type and speed of the crash data, database, crash crew, and recognize the information about the car, adjust the safety restraint system parameters, so that best protect the human body. To realize this ideal, based on our research, there is a long gap, but we can work through it. Study thinking of more than just one step towards ideal, I believe that with the development of scientific and technological research in the future, our auto safety measures will be more perfect.