Matters needing attention

- Apr 01, 2017-

First of all, whenever we ought not to knock or hit the airbag parts. Nor should we use water to flush air bag location directly, because damp airbags at the crucial moment will not protect your life.

Then sitting. Generally the driver while driving should not be leaning forward and sitting close seats, chairs should be adjustable to comfortably control the car as well, so there will be enough space in the accident balloon fully play its protective effect.

Also has air bags, vehicle for the co-pilot position, never allow children to sit in the front row or placed child seat at this location, unless you can manually turn off the airbag or airbag detonation can cause great harm to children.

In addition to the above three beyond points to be aware of, and still has an important place we need to remember that in the conditions we usually do not wear seat belts, air bags will not only fail to protect the crew, there may be a severe damage to crew. Because airbags power is amazing, would give to the driver to hit at any time.

In addition, pay attention to the proper use of the air bag and method to identify airbag true or false.