- Apr 01, 2017-

First of all you want to know the airbags are disposable products. Air bags after the collision detonated, would no longer have the ability to protect, each balloon can only be used once. Air bags are disposable products, upon detonation to repair replace an airbag manufacturers again. Owing to the different models, the airbag price are not the same. Reinstall a new air induction system and a computer controller, generally need about 5000-10000 Yuan.

And you have to be careful not to air bags in front, placed above or near objects. Airbag detonation in emergency situations, so do not place items above or near the front air bags, to prevent tipping when air bag throwing out, so as to harm the crew. In indoor installations in addition CD, radios and other accessories, to comply with the manufacturer's requirements, not free to modify part of the airbag system-wide parts and circuits, so as not to affect the airbag work children should pay more attention when the air bag. Many air bags were designed for adults, including air bag in the car's location, height, and so on. Air bags inflate, may cause harm to the children in the front row. Recommends that the middle child in the back seat, and fixed.

Daily maintenance of safety air bags. The airbag light on the dashboard of the vehicle, in normal circumstances, turn the ignition switch to ACC or ON position, warning lights for about four or five seconds to self test and then go off. If the warning light has been lit, it indicates that the airbag system fault, should immediately repair to avoid air bag malfunction or error pops up.