INTPKG Air Inflatable Packaging Bag

- May 25, 2017-

The film we adopt in producing air column bag is PA/PE co-extruded film. This kind of material is totally recyclable. It reached the standard of food packaging.

By using hot sealing technique, the whole bag is composed by multi-chambers. The air valve adopt the one-way air valve technology and all the air chambers are independent. Thus, it will guarantee the best protective property of inflatable air packaging bag

INTPKG®Air Inflatable Bag is inner protective packaging bag. All the bags are designed according to the goods. The air pack bags are designed to fit the products so there is no interspace between the bag and the products. The air chamber will provide maximun air cushion to protect the goods. Air Column Cushion Bag is a kind of inner packaging so an outside carton box is needed, so they will guatantee the best protection of the goods.