Inflatable air packaging bag is a good news for mailing & shipping industry

- May 26, 2017-

INTPKG® Inflatable air packaging bag is a good news for Mailing and Shipping Industry.

The Characteristics of inflatable air packaging bag .

1. Better water proof property than other packaging materials.

2. It can be put in an outer box, thus guantantee better potection for goods.

3. A single chamber is punctured, the others will remain functioning.

4. The multi-air chambers can provide excellent air cushion to protect all most kinds of fragile goods.

5. Inflatable air packaging bag is easy to use and goods can be packed very quickly.

6. Air Column Bag can be used to pack goods in logistics industry.

7. Inflatable air packaging bag has simple outlook, it will help you improve your image of your company.

8. Air Column Bags are user-friendly and easy to recycle.

They are applicable for Loptops, Tablet, Wine Bottle, Glass Products,LED, ceramics, cell phone, electrical board and other fragile. We are looking forward you would contact us and choose INTPKG® inflatable air packaging bags.