Impact sensor

- Apr 01, 2017-

An important part of the airbag system, whose function is to test and judge the car after collision impact signal in order to decide whether to expand the buffer the airbag. Collision sensors there are three main kinds of machinery used in the airbag sensor in the early more, mainly using the principle of inertia, inertial force to overcome the spring force of the sensor element to trigger the gas generator. Mechanical guarantee does not start at lower acceleration airbag, high reliability, but only single-point sensor, the demands of quality, precision and wear-resistant mechanical parts is very high.

Electronic sensors is one of the earliest impact sensor, based on the principle of electronic, using electrical signals to reflect the vehicle deceleration, then according to the electrical signal to distinguish whether the buffer air bags.

Electromechanical sensor electro-mechanic way, the mechanical signals into electronic signals, and electronic signal airbag burst. Which has the advantages of mechanical and mechanical defects in the sensor itself can be overcome, and installed anywhere in the car, slow down in order to get a better signal, but also multiple sensors are installed in the same location.