How to Distinguish high-qualified Inflatable Airbag Packaging from Defective Ones?

- Apr 21, 2017-

Usually we can tell the differences between high-qualified inflatable airbag packaging and defective ones from the following three aspects.

First, it's raw material. Air column bag are made by PA/PE Co-extruded Film, whose main component is PE and Nylon. The Nylon Content of high-qualified Air Column Bags are usually about 15%. While those of defective air column bag is usually below the value.

Second , we can judge from the thickness. Theoretically, if the films are thicker, the shock resistant and air cushion property are better. This is easy to imagine and has been proved by experiments conducted by our company,

Third, the quality of air coushion packaging is also decided by the technique of manufacturer. The producing line and the company's technology are main factors to the quality of air column bags.