How does INTPKG pack the goods ?

- Jul 16, 2019-

How do we pack the goods ?

  1. When confirm the order , we will check the packing details with the customer : a , how many pcs to pack in each carton ? b , does you need to pack them on pallet or not ?

  2. Then order the suiatble carton as requirement . For example , we usually pack 500 pcs/carton for wine bottle airbag packaging . If the customer needs 300 pcs per carton , we could satisfy the customer's needs and order the according carton 

  3. To prevent the dust , we will use PE film to cover the carton 

  4. We always choose the good quality carton and pallet 

  5. Load the carton on the pallet 

  6. Use the carboard corner protector to make the pallet upright 

  7. Fix the pallet with packing belt and then wrap film to avoid dampness