How airbags protect the personal safety of?

- Apr 01, 2017-

What is called SRS airbag airbag system, relative to the safety belts, airbags only an auxiliary protection devices. Air bag is made from a special fabric with rubber lining and nylon, filled with harmless helium while working. This system is activated by a sensor, the sensor is used to monitor the speed of a car in the collision reduced the degree of. Early in the collision, airbag began inflatable, inflatable safety takes about 0.03 seconds. Inflatable airbag can be very fast speed is very important, this can ensure that when the passenger seat belt restraint does not move and the head of the body still while moving forward, airbags can be in place in time. Hit in the head when the airbag, air bag by bag surface pores begin to exhaust. Gas discharge has a certain rate, ensuring that one part of the body slowly slowing down. Because air bags pop open air speeds of up to 320 km/h, collision if incorrect seating posture of the person, will bring serious harm to people.

If the front seats equipped with airbags, don't let children aged 6 or under 140CM sat in the front seat, baby car seat should not be placed in the front passenger seat.