- Apr 12, 2017-

1.How long does a INTPKG airbag hold the inflated air?

Once inflated, a INTPKG airbag may hold their air pressure up to two years. Statistically the bag looses 8% within 180 days. Thus, INTPKG airbag are well qualified for being reused as an effective, cost saving packaging solution.


2.Can I order airbag with my own logo ?

Yes , you can . You just need to provide your logo ,but it needs  MOQ more than 100,000 pcs .


3.How can I get the samples ?

Tell us what kind sample you need and provide your collect account of the express company.


4.How do INTPKG air column bag react when transported via plane?

A INTPKG air column bag is inflated with an air pressure of 0,7 bar. Because of that variations of the air pressure in an air born plane do not cause any kind of problems to the air bag.


5.What’s reaction when temperature changes ?

INTPKG inflatable airbag packaging withstand great changes of temperature without any problems. The minimum temperature endurance starts at -20 ° C and goes up to the maximum temperature endurance of 65° C.

6.Are WELL ARMOR PACKs in compliance with RoHS?



7. What’s the delivery time ?

Usually 1~2 weeks after receiving the advancement . Especially depends on the order quantity .


8. How do you pack your products?

1)Packed in suitable cartons according to the size of the unit or client's requirement

2)To prevent the dust ,we will use PE film to cover the products in carton

3)Put on 1.1 (W) X 1.1m(L) pallet .the total height would be under 1.8m if LCL. And it would be around 1.1m if FCL

4)Then wrapping film to fix it

5)Using packing belt to fix it better