Electro-magnetic sensor

- Apr 01, 2017-

Sensor triggers are usually include: switch mode, purely mechanical, electronic single point, side-impact, strain, and so on. International automobile airbag sensors trigger mode is not a uniform standard, not only because of its range, and is mounted on the car body sensor triggered in different ways in different locations. For sensors can be easily installed in all you need induction parts for the correct and timely and efficient collision induction, the choice of magnetic-electric sensor.

Electro-magnetic sensor can be installed in any location on the car, just some slight adjustments to the parameters values, makes it possible to identify peak 0588 m/s: acceleration signals of the pulse and time for 0-20 Ms. As long as the pulse width to meet peak acceleration and time conditions, will be issued to air bag triggering signal, air bags, to protect the human body.