Distinguish between true and false

- Apr 01, 2017-

Simply put, balloon authenticity to distinguish "look, smell, and asked, than, drawing, measuring," summed up this mantra.

Look, that is observed. Test air bags the authenticity, first carefully observe the airbag module (air bag), new or old, whether it is oil, dust, the air bag itself for damage. After balloon popup is new, if the above-mentioned conditions are likely to be forged. In addition, to observe whether the airbag retention screws screw mark demolition of the new trace.

Smell, that smell. Air bags out in the process, both the explosion of detonating substance, is the chemical reaction of nitrogen substances, will have a pungent odor, the odor is similar to the smell of gunpowder. Just out of the balloon, the Chief Surveyor can smell when you check to see if the smell, to discern.

Question, which asked the parties. For the moment the accident happened inside the vehicle on the drivers and other staff on the bus asked, testing whether air bags pop rules. Driver and vehicle by officers for questioning, has been found from doubt.

Than, that is. Car front air bags mounted on the steering wheel and the bench, often through the Fraudulent claim to install an older Workbench and airbag cover plate to false. Survey by comparing the ballonet cover plate and the recency of the Workbench, airbag covers and table and other trim inside the car new or old to discover doubts.

Pull, pull the seat belt. In most cases, car air bags pop up comes with a seat belt lock. By pulling belt, check for deadlock. If the balloon pop-up seat belt does not lock, you are likely to be forged.