Cushion airbag

- Apr 01, 2017-

Balloon anti-crack performance of polyamide fabric in General, it is a semi-hard foam, able to withstand greater pressure after the curing treatment can reduce the inertia force of airbag gas expands; to make gas sealed balloon coated with coating material. Balloon size, shape, air leakage performance is an important factor in determining airbag protection, must be determined in accordance with the actual situation of different cars.

Airbag systems developer is based on a neural network intelligent type air bag system. It main is using nerve endings (that various sensor) will their exploration to of around environment of various information transmission to central nervous (that computer or computer), and can will collision accident of collision type, collision accident serious degree and collision Shi of speed, information with passed to computer, by computer on these information for processing processing analysis, made corresponding reaction, and implementation and these information phase corresponds to of, and right of balloon protection program, that so-called of intelligent type control system.

Intelligent control system generally consists of two parts, software and hardware components. The hardware is controlled by an electronic car parts unit (including microcontroller, sensors, ignition circuit) and the ground segment (including serial communication circuits, computer systems, and so on); software consists of single, chip and computer parts. Control system block diagram is shown in Figure 2. Airbag injury, poor protection or waste conditions.