Cell Phone Packaging Solution

- Jun 22, 2017-

Online Shopping is now developing very fast, cell phones online are cheaper than those in entity stores. Thus, more and more consumers are tend to oder a cellphone online. However, the transmit of cell phone make a lot people worried. Cell phones are easy to be damaged during transit. For this problem, INPKG® Air Column Bag will free you from such kind of worring. We designed Q type Bag for online retailers or cell phone manufacturers to pack their cell phone. There are five reasons why you should try our inflatable air packaging bag.

1. Quite Cheap.
2. Space-saving-totally flat before inflating.
3. Good Shock Resistant Property.
4. Environmentally Friendlu-easy to recycle.
5. Thermostabolity, water-proof, compression resisitant.

If you need safe packaging, jsut try INTPKG® Air Column Bag