Air Shockproof Bag

- Dec 29, 2018-

Product Description

  • Industrial Use: Food

  • Layered: Heat Seal

  • Heat Seal: LDPE

  • Bag Sealing Methods: Flat Bag Packaging

  • How to Use: Inflatable by Pump

  • MOQ: 5000PCS

  • How Long Will Take When Fill The Air: 3seconds

  • Transport Package: 500PCS/Box

  • Origin: China

  • Transparency: Transparent

  • Hardness: Soft

  • Packaging: Bag

  • Mateials: PE+PA with RoHS

  • Advantage: Can Stand 200kg Pressure

  • Shipping: It′s Flat Like Paper Without Air

Air Shockproof bag advantages:
1. Material: NY/PE co-extruison film, which is strong.
2. Pro-environment: Environmental friendly, 100% Recyclable.
3. Easy operation: Inflate directly, no need sealing, save labor cost.
4. Air column: Each air column is designed separately. Any air column damaged won't influece the safety packaging.
5. Storage: Flat before inflation, saving warehousing cost.
6. Certification: RoHS, REACH, SGS, ISO etc.
7. Size: Customised, well pack.
8. Transportation: Less volumn and weight, saving shipping cost

9. Protection: Airbag stands 60-120kgs after inflated. For your product safety, worry-free.

10. Usage: for protecting fragile products (eg, wine bottle), valuables, electronic products (eg, computer, television, hard disc etc), light bulbs, toner cartridges, food, drugs, agriculture products, cosmetics, chemical products, clothes, contrustion, security products, mining products, courier etc.