Air Packaging Bag Components

- Mar 20, 2020-

The air packaging bag is mainly composed of four parts:

1. Air chamber : It is the main body of the air packaging bag. It is the most important part of the performance of the airbag packagiing . Just inflating air into the air chamber, it will be an important support to protect the product.

2. Non-return valve: Why do you need to fill the air packaging bag without sealing it? That's because the air packaging bag has a non-return check valve. The role of the check valve is to control the air from entering and leaving, and there is only one for each air chamber . The check valve is equivalent to a one-way door , the air is allowed to enter the air column, but cannot escape. Therefore, after filling, the air packaging bag will not be sealed and will not leak .

3. Common air channel: This airway is the only master air channel, it is close to the check valve of each air chamber. When inflating, the air gun is aimed at the common airway opening, and air passes from the public airway through the check valve, and then reaches the air chamber.

4. Sealing lines: Sealing lines are those lines between air chamber, generally only 1-2 mm, used to isolate each air column .Even if a single air chamber breaks, it will not affect other air chambers.

The width of each air chamber is the same. At present, the general air chamber width of INTPKG is 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm. The wider the air column, the better the buffer protection effect. Among many inflatable products, the cushioning effect of the air column bag is relatively the best.