Three advantages of wine bottle airbag packaging

- Mar 10, 2018-

More and more consumers will see an inflatable air column packaging after purchasing wine. Why does the seller use this kind of packaging? So let me introduce some advantages for this packaging .

It can be summarized as three advantages :

1. Excellent anti-stock function .

Anti-stock is the primary task for the airbag packaging. Why air bag is called air bag because it has column filled with gas. Each column is independent of one another and not affect other columns due to the damage of one column. In this way, due to the air column package, the red wine will not be damaged during the transportation process!


Because of the special maintenance to red wine bottle , the amount of damage is reduced, so that the packaging will save the cost .

wine bottle airbag packaging

2. Save the cost

The above mentioned will decrease red wine damage and then reduce the cost, actually the airbag packaging also has other cost-saving features.

The air bag is completely flat before being inflated. It is just as thick as some A4 papers. It can be inflated when needed ,so this saves a lot of storage space and reduces the cost of warehousing.

Secondly, when put the wine bottle into the airbag, you can quickly inflate it in a few seconds , which can reduce the packaging time and improve work efficiency!

3. Increase the Enterprise Image

The red wine airbag is a new type of packaging system in the 21st century. It is environmental-friendly, non-polluting, recyclable and fits with the EU ROHS green environmental protection requirements. As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the demand for environmentally-friendly packaging is increasing. The use of inflatable packaging airbags is definitely in conformity with the environmental protection requirements of consumers. Therefore, the use of such airbags will help improve the company's image.


In summary, the use of wine bottle air bags packaging is the best choice for wine sales to protect red wine!