Air Cushion Pillow

Air cushion pillow are perfect for void fill, cushioning, blocking applications. Perforations between each pillow allow you to tear off as few or as many air pillows as you need to fill a box.

Product Details

Air Cushion Pillow packaging is known as shockproof packaging. The principle of cushion packaging is air expansion. It is the packaging that can slow down the impact and shock of the contents inside and protect them from damage .

Produt Details:

Color:  Transparent 

Usage: Void-fill protection Packaging

Length: 300m/roll

Weight: 4.15kg

Roll Dimensions : 32*40cm

Specification : Blow Molding

Material : HDPE 

Package carton size: 19.5*20.5*42 cm

Single gross weight: 7kg

Package Type: 2Rolls/Box


1. allowing packers to work more efficiently with less material waste. lowering your cost per cubic foot and creating less weight per package

2. All types pillow are available for our air cushion machine .

3. Versatile - Produces air cushions for optimum protection of small, large, or delicate products.

4. Environmentally friendly - Due to 99% air and only 1% film.

5. Space-saving and cost-effective.

6. Application:Filling Bags, handbags, toys, cosmetics, perfume, red wine, jade, lamps, glasses, ceramics, crystal, mobile phones, digital products, electronic products and other valuable fragile packaging etc .


Other film material :

Air Bubble Dimensions

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