Jiangsu Intpkg Packing Products Co.,Ltd

Company Profile Jiangsu Intpkg Packing Products Co., Ltd. Developed from a manufacturer of packaging machine , Jiangsu Intpkg Packing Porducts Co.,Ltd entered green packing industry . With its bountiful experience in making air column bag , INTPKG enjoys its reputation of high quality ...

Hot Products

    • Air Cushion Pillow

      Air Cushion Pillow

      Air cushion pillow are perfect for void fill, cushioning, blocking applications. Perforations between each pillow allow you to tear off as few or as many air pillows as you need to fill a box.

    • Void Fill Bubble Bag

      Void Fill Bubble Bag

      Void fill bubble bag is made of air cushion film after being inflation by air cushion machine. It has different size, can be torn by hand in the different length according to different interspaces. With shockproof function,it protects the goods from shock and impact damage.